Webinar: Cognitive Remediation Training For Severe Mental Illness

Open to the Public
Mahesh Menon and Amy Burns

Are you interested in learning more about Cognitive Remediation, and how it can support your work? Join us for this amazing webinar! 

Cognitive Remediation (CR) is an evidence based, recovery oriented behavioural intervention that focuses on reducing cognitive deficits and enhancing life skills in people with serious mental illnesses. It has been shown to improve cognition and functioning in the individuals with serious mental illness. 

April 28th - 30th in Vancouver, BC  there will be a three day workshop on the topic of Cognitive Remediation. This webinar is for those who want to know more about what Cognitive Remediation is. Consider attending the in-person workshop! Click here to learn more.


Learning Objectives 

1. A general overview of  Cognitive Remediantion.

2. How Cognitive Remediation impacts functioning.

3. Highlight of an upcoming Cognitive Remediation conference in Vancouver in April 2020.



Dr. Mahesh Menon is a psychologist with the BC Psychosis Program and a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia. His clinical and research interests focus on psychosocial interventions for severe mental illness (including psychotherapy and cognitive remediation). He is a founding member of the North American CBT for psychosis network and Cognitive Remediation BC. 

Amy Burns, PhD, R. Psych is a clinical psychologist, Early Psychosis Intervention Program, Fraser Health.