Returning to In-Person Service Delivery: A Workshop/Brainstorm Session

Open to the Public
PSR Advanced Practice

We welcome you to an informal fireside chat/brainstorm session about the easing of COVID restrictions and moving to in-person services.


This will not be a regular webinar. It will be in Zoom meetings.
We will ask that you have a camera and microphone, as it's an opportunity for conversation.

Participants at a previous session indicated that the fireside chat was a welcome format to discuss ideas regarding COVID. We hope you find this session helpful.

This last year has been tough for many people we support. It's been tough for practitioners as well. We have needed to pivot and move much of our service to an online platform. People have struggled with uncertainty, isolation, and loneliness. This has been a global trauma, with some people more affected than others. 

In BC things opened up on July 1st.

Life is going back to what it used to be, but what if the people we support are just not there yet? What will gatherings look like now? How will we uphold the principles of trauma-informed care, with safety is at the center?

For many people the isolation turned into varying degrees of agoraphobia. Navigating this transition is going to be tough for some people we support. We want to take this opportunity to talk about this and brainstorm ideas on how we can all ease into this next season in a way that feels safe for people.

We want to explore how we can shift this uncertainty into an opportunity for creating a new normal, that is more person-centered than perhaps our services were before. 

 We invite participants to: 

  • Share supports that could help with the return to in-person service delivery
  • Discuss possible strategies to support others who might be struggling, and to maintain your well-being during this transition
  • Describe ways to support/ promote and maintain compassionate workplaces
  • Identify how BC Advanced Practice might support you in this change process

We welcome your suggestions during the session regarding additional topics of interest.

This session will not be recorded however, we will summarize key ideas and add them to the website.