Webinar: Positive Behaviour Supports and Employment

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Chris Arnold, MSc
BC PSR Advanced Practice

Positive Behaviour Supports and Employment
Presenter: Chris Arnold, M.Sc.

There are many examples in the field of disability and employment where very good employment opportunities fell apart after the new employee started their job.  This is often not due to a lack of skill or ability but due to challenges with their behaviour.  Understanding how concept of positive behaviour supports can apply to helping people be successful on the job is very important for the delivery of effective employment supports.  This webinar will introduce how the principles of positive behaviour supports and functional behaviour analysis can have very practical applications with new employees that may have barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment.  

Session Objectives:

1. Identify common motivators to behaviour using the Motivation Matrix.  
2. Understand how to be proactive using the 3 “P’s” of intentional support: Preview, Prepare & Practice.
3. Review and assess some of the top challenging behaviours at work as well as some strategies for addressing them.
4. Learn some practical positive behaviour support strategies and responses.

Chris Arnold is the director / co-owner of a successful consulting, community based training and specialized employment agency located in northwestern BC (Terrace & Kitimat).
   Chris has been working with people with disabilities for over 28 years, in residential and community based programs.  As a behavioural consultant and instructor, Chris promotes the ideas of Non-Aversive Behaviour Management and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.  His area of specialty is in safely dealing with aggressive and violent behaviours displayed by people of any age from children to seniors in a wide variety of environments.  He also specializes in creative and non-traditional employment supports for people with a wide range of disabilities and barriers to employment.
   Chris is a dynamic speaker and passionate trainer, who has taught all over BC and throughout Canada.  He is often asked to be a presenter at Provincial, National, and International conferences.  Chris has written a number of training programs covering various topics of interest to persons in the human services, education, and healthcare fields.  He has written a book on behavioural psychology titled “Screaming for Attention:  True stories about the puzzle of Human Behaviour” (2003), Designed and collaborated on creation of a “Job Developer’s Toolkit” which is a collection of resource booklets on key topics related to employment (2005), and published a book called “RESPECT Employment” a collection of employment success stories of people with developmental disabilities in BC (2010).  In 2014 Chris wrote an article that was published in the Journal of Safe Management of Disruptive and Assaultive Behaviour on Crisis Intervention and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
   Chris teaches psychology at Northwest Community College and Teaches in the Disability & Community Studies Dept. for Douglas College.

A 7-day trial of the iMAS, the internet version of the Motivation Assessment Scale

The BC PSR Advanced Practice is pleased to offer a webinar that draws on work within the disability field. There are many examples in the field of disability and employment where very good employment opportunities fell apart after the new employee started their job.