Webinar: Shift. Inspire. Mobilize. Exploring Recovery-Oriented Practice in BC–SESSION 1 (Morning)

Open to the Public
MHCC Conference
BC PSR Advanced Practice

We are doing something a little different at PSR AP! 

 On March 28th we will be broadcasting the Shift. Inspire. Mobilize. Exploring Recovery-Oriented Practice in BC confernce sponsored by Fraser Health Authority, RainCity Housing, PSR Canada and PSR BC, Douglas College & the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  It is our desire to make that conference accessible to you right from your office!

There are very limited spaces in the actual conference, so we are very happy to offer this important event to as an onlie event. Gather a group of collegues and join us for a morning and afternoon session.


Here is information on the conference itself. 

Developing leadership to support the shift towards mental health recovery in our practice, in our teams, and in our organizations

In partnership with Fraser Health Authority, RainCity Housing, and PSR BC, the MentalHealth Commission of Canada is hosting a day long workshop on emergent practice considerations and the leadership to support recovery-oriented services in dynamical mental health care settings. Recovery, today, spans boundaries and involves reflecting, learning and acting in a way that harnesses the potential of people delivering andaccessing services both inside and outside of the mental health system.”   

9:30 - 10:00 am:
Welcome and Overview of Recovery in Canada and BC

10:00 - 10:45 am:  
Shift: Recovery Across the Spectrum of Mental Health Care

11:00 a.m. - 12: 00 pm:   
 Inspire: Building Supportive Environments

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is a catalyst for improving the mental health system and changing the attitudes and behaviours of Canadians around mental health issues. Through its unique mandate from Health Canada, the MHCC brings together leaders and organizations from across the country to accelerate these changes.
The concept of recovery in mental health means living a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life, even if a person experiences symptoms of a mental health problem or illness. Recovery is foundational to the Mental Health Strategy for Canada and is at the heart of a transformed mental health system.
Through research and consultation, the MHCC developed and released the Guidelines for Recovery-Oriented Practice in 2015. Using knowledge exchange practices, MHCC is working with stakeholders across Canada to advance the implementation of recovery-oriented practice.