Webinar 48: Transforming, and Integrating Recovery-Oriented Services with a Collaborative Leadership

Open to the Public
Anthony Neptune
Fraser Health Authority

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We are pleased to have Anthony Neptune–Rehabilitation and Recovery Manager for Fraser Health Authority, as a presenter for this webinar.


Fraser Health (FH) is the largest health authority in BC and has the highest number of people affected by mental health and substance use disorders of any health authority in British Columbia. About 230,000 people (17 per cent of the region’s adult population) live with some form of mental illness. An additional 160,000–200,000 people are in need of withdrawal management or treatment services for substance use.

Over the past few years FH has implemented several evidence-based programs, including:

A focus on emerging/promising practice, and evidence-based best practice are of equal importance to FH recovery services.

One of the new initiatives is establishing sensory rooms for inpatient and tertiary services. These sensory rooms are taking the place of reducing the use of seclusions and restraints within Fraser Health and increasing individual’s capacity for self-regulation. Another new program offered by Fraser Health is a Love, Relationship and Intimacy program written by past presenter Tara Strachen, offered at all the clubhouses. You can watch Tara's PSR AP webinar here. 

Domain E in the new Practice Competencies is Facilitating Change and Providing Leadership.

Anthony will be sharing his leadership philosophy with us,
and how it has supported Fraser Health to be an innovative force for recovery.


Learning Goals:

  •  Participants will be able to describe the importance of Organizational Leadership cultivating space for those with lived experience to use their voices in regards to recovery services–“Nothing about us without us.”
  • Participants will understand the balance of implementing both evidence-based programs and emerging and promising practices into recovery services.
  • Identify key strategies for creating an environment where employees can explore, take risks and create innovative new initiatives.


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