Webinar: Telehealth Psychosocial Rehabilitation Group Therapy: Lessons Learned

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Lauren Fox, Kerri Morash, Nicole Heron, Doreen Gee

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Many healthcare services took a sudden leap into telehealth-based care for the first time during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The learning curve for this transition can be steep. This webinar will share the lessons learned by one outpatient group psychosocial rehabilitation program that transitioned from in-person only group therapy to a hybrid in-person and virtual care program. We look forward to a collaborative discussion on lessons learned and future directions for a hybrid approach to service delivery. 

Learning Objective of this Webinar

a.     Describe pertinent ethical, legal and practical considerations for providing telehealth-based psychosocial rehabilitation services.

b.     Identify 2 pros and cons of telehealth-based group therapy and 2 tips and techniques for virtual group facilitation

c.     Learn from feedback from a person who received the service about their experience.

d.     Discuss areas for future use of telehealth in psychosocial rehabilitation.


 Lauren Fox, OT, Coordinator Island Health Mental Wellness Day Program, Psychology and Therapy Services.  

Lauren, is an occupational therapist who provided mental health services for 18 years before transitioning to becoming the coordinator of the Mental Wellness Day Program, an outpatient psychosocial rehabilitation program in Victoria, BC, four years ago.

She is also the project lead on the BoosterBuddy mobile app and the co-chair of the Regional Island Health Committee on Recovery-Oriented Practice in Victoria. Most recently she and her team transitioned an in-person, group-based psychosocial rehabilitation program to a virtual program in response to he COVID 19 pandemic. 

Kerri Morash, RN | BKIN, BRN |Recovery Coach |Mental Wellness Day Program
With over 15 years of working in mental health field, she has worked on In-patient Psychiatry, facilitated CBT sessions in the community, presented at international conferences in area of Nursing and Therapy/Counselling, most recently she has been awarded a grant to explore best practices to support families when their loved ones are in hospital for Mental Health. 

Currently, she is a Nurse Recovery Coach with the Mental Wellness Day Program, in Victoria B.C. and is thrilled to be on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery, as Virtual Care gains further popularity with the public and care providers.

Nicole Heron, OT and Recovery Coach with Island Health’s Mental Wellness Day Program, Victoria BC

Nicole is an occupational therapist who enjoys integrating both her mental health and physical medicine acute care experiences into a holistic approach. Nicole has explored innovative practice ideas including leading a pilot PSR group in Dance and Movement, and has stepped with curiosity into the world of virtual group programming. She is currently working on her Cognitive Behavioural Therapy certification with the Canadian Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies.

Doreen Gee, BSc, Mental Wellness Day Program participant, Victoria, BC.
Doreen brings a wealth of lived experience to this Webinar discussion. Determined to not let mental health issues hold her back, Doreen earned a university degree and is a professional writer, journalist, and visual artist. Her community activism to promote inclusion for people with mental health challenges, and to dispel the harmful stigma, was recognized with a designation of 'finalist' in the 2012 Victoria Leadership Awards.