Webinar: How Are You Measuring Recovery? Current Approaches in Practice and Research

Open to the Public
Dr. Skye Barbic
BC PSR Advanced Practice

How Do You Measure Recovery? Current Approaches in Practice and Research
Presenter: Dr. Skye Barbic

In Canada, and governments across the world, personal recovery is a priority for health care reform. Despite the consensus for this new model of care, there‚Äôs little agreement about the measurement of recovery. This workshop will summarize available measurement approaches to mental health recovery and present strategies for clinicians and researchers to select measures that can inform evidence-based meaningful care. 

Learning objectives:

Upon successful completion of this webinar, learners shall be able to:

  1. Identify current measures of personal recovery available in the literature
  2. Summarize the current evidence supporting the sensitivity and potential utility of personal recovery scales as outcome measures for research and clinical practice
  3. Briefly understand how to interpret modern psychometrics methods to select personal recovery scales are fit for purpose to inform important decisions in mental health.
  4. Disseminate knowledge about the optimal use of recovery measures for assessment, planning and evaluation to enhance practice and research.

Presenter Info:

Dr. Skye Barbic is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Psychiatry. She is also an occupational therapist with a clinical sub-specialist interest in how modern methods of measurement can inform the rehabilitation of adults with serious mental illness. She currently leads the Personal Recovery Outcome Measurement Project in Canada which aims to understand the recovery needs of Canadians with mental illness.