Webinar: Peer Support–A Recovery Paradigm Shift: Learn About the New Online Training Program

Open to the Public
Jenn Cusick & Jonathan Orr

BC's Ministry of Mental Health is launching a new online, free Peer Support training curriculum program in July 2021!  

Peer support is a key component of a recovery-oriented system. Training peer support workers/employees is key to providing the best possible service to the people we support. Join us to hear more about the development of the project and the community of practice that was formed in BC. You will also learn about the BC peer support standards of practice, core values, and an overview of the training modules. This training curriculum launches to the public in July 2021.

Jonathan Orr  (Project Manager) will share about meaningful engagement with those who have lived/living experience, and the centring of lived expertise in a consent before content approach to the creation of the curriculum.  

Jenn Cusick (Curriculum writer/developer) will share the Standards of Practice, and the Core Values of the program. She will also share a little bit about each of the 16 modules.  

1.     The Foundations
2.     Peer Support & Wholeness
3.     Categories & Containers: Unpacking Our Biases
4.     Self-Determination
5.     Cultural Humility
6.     Understanding Boundaries & What it Means to Co-Create Them
7.     Connection & Communication
8.     Healing-Centered Connection: Principles in Trauma-Informed Care
9.     Social Determinants of Health
10.  Supporting Someone Who Is Grieving
11.  Substance Use & Peer Support
12.  Mental Health & Supporting Those in Crisis
13.  Goal-Planning
14.  Building Personal Resilience
15.  Family Peer Support

16. Working with Youth and Young Adults

Webinar Goals: 

  1. Participants will learn about the methodology that was used to create this massive project, and how it included stakeholder involvement throughout the process.
  2. Participants will leave with an overview of the BC Peer Support Standards of Practice and the Core Values, and why they were identified as important for peer support work. 
  3. Participants will hear a brief overview of the content in the training modules, and some ideas for how this training can be accessed/offered. 

Presenters Bios:

Jonathan Orr  is the BCcampus Project Manager on a collaborative project alongside British Columbia's Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions to create a low barrier provincially accredited peer support worker training curriculum informed by direct consultation, collaboration and co-creation with workers with lived and living experience. Prior to this project, Jonathan spent a decade working in Harm Reduction in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside including as the first manager of two of North America’s pioneering Overdose Prevention Sites where he was co-creator of the Street Degree peer worker training program.

Jenn Cusick is the Curriculum Writer and Developer for the BC Peer Support Curriculum. Jenn has worked in community mental health since the mid-90s. She managed a peer support program  within Fraser Health for 15 years prior to launching Luminate Wellness in early 2015. Jenn brought WRAP to Western Canada in 2002, and continues to support the growth of WRAP in Canada. She creates curriculum and facilitates workshops and trainings to both service providers and people receiving  services withing the mental health/substance use system, and as well to the general public. Topics she focuses on are: community inclusion, serving others with a focus on self-determination, compassion/self-compassion, trauma-informed care, and building personal resiliency while avoiding burn-out. Prior to this project, she wrote a peer support training curriculum for Alberta Health Services.  Jenn is also a coordinator for PSR Advanced Practice.