Webinar 50: PSR & Recovery: A Return to "Big Medicine"

Open to the Public
James Price



Session Description

PSR & Recovery: A return to "Big Medicine" will consider the intersection of PSR and Indigenous approaches to health and wellbeing. It is an opportunity for us to reflect and to focus not solely on our differences but more so on our commonalities. In this webinar we will talk about importance of providing mutual support and encouragement as we all sojourn on our way back to Our Creator.  We do this while respecting and honouring whatever vision/version of the nature of our purpose and existence that we subscribe or adhere to.

"In many respects, PSR is truly a return to inclusion, acceptance, creativity and illumination." ~James Price. 

Learning Goals: 

1) Identify ways in which core principles and values (as well as the competencies) of PSR are very much in keeping and in alliance with a return to creation, consultation, collaboration and conviviality.

2) Consider ways in which PSR competencies and evidence-based and best practices can bridge the understanding that Traditional (Indigenous) and Western (North American) values, philosophies, archetypes, structures and systems can contribute to more inclusive societies and reduce the impact of stigmatization

3) Identifying ways in which the inherent worth and dignity of each and everyone must be upheld as paramount to creating a more just and compassionate society for one and for all.


About Our Presenter:

James (Jim) Price is an agent for positive social change and greater hope and understanding for all. As a CMHW (Community Mental Health Worker) in PSR & Employment Development, he strives to facilitate growth and illumination in the hearts and minds of his participants. PSR can be applied and integrated into so many arenas. It is important for PSR practitioners and promoters to always be welcoming, engaging and empowering in our journey with individuals, families and communities. Society as a whole can greatly benefit from the interconnectedness and panoramic multi-dimensional focuses and perspectives of sound PSR infusions and guiding principles.