Webinar 45: Wrapping your WRAP

Open to the Public
Jenn Cusick
BC PSR Advanced Practice

Jenn Cusick will be facilitating a final interactive session of the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) workshop. Like the previous two sessions, We will have a few group participants in the room, and you will participate right from where you are.
WRAP is a recovery program that is currently utilized by agencies all over BC. Yet, there are many people who don’t know what a WRAP group looks and feels like.
As a participant in this webinar, you will get to participate experientially (over the webinar chat feature) for this mini-WRAP session.
WRAP is a tool used by many. It has application with any demographic. WRAP groups have been run in several organizations and health authorities for both clients and staff.
Currently, in BC many service recipients AND service providers have and use a personal WRAP.
For this webinar, you will be encouraged to take off your service provider hat and engage by creating your own personal mini WRAP.  You will get to participate experientially (over the webinar chat feature) for this mini-WRAP session.


1) Reviewing the Five Key Recovery Concepts, Wellness Toolbox and the 6 Sections of WRAP: Daily Maintenance Plan, Triggers, Early Warning Signs, When Things Are Breaking Down, Crisis Plan, Post-Crisis Plan. 

2) Developing a basic outline for your own personal Wellness Recovery Action Recovery Plan 

3) Having a good understanding of how WRAP can help individuals with their recovery (both from a practical perspective and from the literature)


Jenn had been an Advanced Level WRAP in February 2007. She first brought WRAP to Fraser Health in 2002, and it has since grown exponentially in Western Canada
In 2015 she left her peer support coordinator role and created her own business called Luminate Wellness to share what she has learned about wellness and recovery with an even broader community.  
She has had the opportunity to facilitate many WRAP facilitator trainings throughout the continent.
Jenn is committed to challenging the status quo for the sake of exuberant wellness. Her works are dedicated to unearthing desires and illuminating strengths because true wellness is within reach.