Webinar 56: Recovery Colleges in Canada: An Emerging Practice

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Glenna Last

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Join us for an webinar on an emerging recovery-oriented practice! We are going to spend the session digging into the Recovery College model! 

Presenter: Glenna Last (Recovery Coordinator CMHA Manitoba) 

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Webinar Description
Establishing a recovery college is an emerging trend within CMHAs and other organizations
across Canada. Expanding on the pioneering model from the UK, this innovative form of peer-oriented
psychoeducation is catching attention. People with lived experience are increasingly being empowered to
share their wisdom and experience with others as part of the recovery college framework. Join us as we
explore how this unique brand of recovery-oriented practice seeks to place people with lived experience
at the very center of their own journey, with the opportunity to enrich others along the way.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the premise of a recovery college as it aligns with or differs from other recovery-oriented forms of treatment or programming
  • Understand why recovery colleges are increasingly understood to be a worthwhile and meaningful model from a recovery-oriented perspective
  • Understand the human side of recovery colleges; why it’s important to embrace and allow for these kinds of opportunities for people with lived experience

About Our Presenter: 

Glenna Last is first and foremost a person with lived experience, a reality that deeply connects to the
work she remains passionate about after witnessing first-hand the unfolding success and growth of
recovery colleges. She was part of the team that established Western Canada’s first recovery learning
center, which has since sparked the interest of many as the model is growing at CMHA branches across
Canada. Glenna started with CMHA Central Manitoba as Community Educator and has since transitioned
to the role of Partnership for Recovery Coordinator with CMHA Winnipeg & Manitoba. She would be
pleased to answer questions about recovery colleges during the webinar.