Webinar 57: New Programs: The Creation of Innovative Practices -Featuring WRAP in Fraser Health

Open to the Public
Anthony Neptune, Angela Louie, Jenn Cusick



Bringing a new emerging practice to a large organization or health authority, is not easy.

 Fraser Health, is the biggest health authority in BC. They have supported the implementation of a strong recovery-oriented, consumer driven, grassroots program on a very large scale. It was a journey, and this webinar is about sharing what they learned with you! 


In a conversation between Anthony Neptune (Fraser Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Manager), Angela Louie (Fraser Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Coordinator), and Jenn Cusick (PSR AP, Luminate Wellness, PSR Canada), we will explore what the early days of starting this program looked like for Fraser Health. 

In this webinar we will talk about pioneering new programs.

Initiating new emerging programs is very key to PSR. Today we will talk about the process of implementing something new. How do we know when to take risks? How do we create an environment where people can feel safe to be creative and try new things?

We will be sharing about WRAP, but it has application with any new, innovative program!

We will be focusing on Domain C of the Core Competencies (Supporting Practices and Recovery-Oriented Services), and Domain E (Facilitating Change and Providing Leadership).

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) has become an essential service for Fraser Health (FH) . FH currently has a longterm strategic goal set that they want 100% of clients who want to take a WRAP workshop to have access to one. Currently Fraser Health is the biggest health authority in BC. 


Learning Goals: 

  • Participants will learn about the process Fraser Health embarked on to implement WRAP (at that time it was an emerging program)
  • Participants will learn about the strengths that this program, and others like it, have added to the overall landscape of service
  • Participants will learn how the topic of creating programs such as WRAP reflects DOMAIN C. PSYCHOSOCIAL REHABILITATION, SUPPORTING PRACTICES AND RECOVERY–ORIENTED SERVICES, of the Competencies of Practice for Canadian RecoveryOriented Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practitioners


If you are interested in bringing WRAP to your organization, contact Jenn Cusick (psr.ap.bc@gmail.com)


Anthony Neptune, MA, has worked in the mental health field since 1987 in both hospital and community settings. He is a manager within the Mental Health and Substance Use program at Fraser Health. Anthony is currently the manager lead for the redesign of community mental health services across all sites. In addition he has responsibility for services to families as well as overseeing the contracts for a number of services delivered by non-profit agencies.

Angela Louie, MSc, OT  has worked in the mental health field for over 25 years in acute care, day program and community mental health settings. She is currently a Coordinator of Rehabilitation and Recovery in Fraser Health Mental Health and Substance Use. Over the last 10 years, she has championed the Recovery Centred Clinical System within Fraser Health. She has participated in delivering education sessions on the Living at Risk clinical practice guidelines which align with a recovery approach. Angela is an Accredited Speaker and was the Silver Medalist at the 2005 World Championship of Public Speaking.

Anthony Neptune and Angela Louie, have led the movement to embed WRAP in essential mental health services for Fraser Health. Recently Fraser Health went through an accreditation review, the accreditor was very impressed with WRAP and stated that this should be promoted as an advanced practice in the health authority.

Jenn Cusick has been an Advanced Level WRAP  Facilitator since February 2007. She first brought WRAP to Fraser Health in 2002, and has supported the growth of WRAP in Western Canada. In 2015 she left her peer support coordinator role and created her own business called Luminate Wellness to share what she has learned about wellness and recovery with an even broader community.  Jenn also provides contract work for PSR Advanced Practice, and PSR Canada.