Webinar 58: PSR Today: From Value to Validation

Open to the Public
Panel Presentation
PSR Advanced Practice

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(We are located in Vancouver, BC. So times are in PST.) 

We are pleased to announce our next webinar to you. This is a collaborative approach with diverse presenters who will be talking about Psychosocial Rehabilitation Values and principles.



The philosophy of Psychosocial Rehabilitation is grounded on a set of core principles and values. See them here.
Everything in PSR stems out of those 12 principles, including the Competencies of Practice for Canadian Recovery-Oriented Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practitioners.

Todays webinar is about how some of the core principles of PSR consistently show up in our work. We have 6 presentations for you on topics that have become integral to many aspects of service delivery. (Including supporting our own health and wellness as practitioners.

We will be sharing about:

  • Hope (Jenn Cusick)
  • Self-Determination (Many Ebot) 
  • Building Relationships to Empower Meaningful Partnerships (Heather Boyes)
  • Family (Bonnie Spence-Vinge)
  • Holistic Approaches when looking at your own health/ wellness and that of those you support professionally or otherwise (Sue Carr) 
  • Culture and Diversity (James Price)

1) To introduce workshop participants to a variety of fellow PSR community members
 2) To offer an opportunity for panel members to share their passions on making recovery-orientated PSR a reality in a variety of settings
2) To make explicit how specific PSR values and Principles influence how panel members engage with recovery-oriented services


Heather  Boyce is an Occupational Therapist with a Master's Degree in Leadership and Training.  She has a passion for rehabilitation and recovery and has worked in mental health for 30 years and is a board member of PSR BC and PSR Canada. She is currently employed by Interior Health Authority in a leadership role.  Throughout her career, Heather has embraced opportunities to promote empowerment and recovery with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Bonnie Spence-Vinge is the  B.C. Schizophrenia Society Regional Educator for the Cranbrook-Creston area of B.C. She is a retired Executive Director of Education with the Government of Nunavut and a former administrator of K-12 and Aboriginal and Special Education. Bonnie is a family member of loved ones living with mental illness and she will be sharing her family’s journey.

Jim Price is a Community Mental Health Worker in PSR & Employment Development.  He is of mixed heritage (Metis). He is a sojourner en route back to the Creator and invites you to walk with him in solidarity, mutual support and encouragement. He is a man of many experiences and would like to collaborate with you in the spirit of engagement and empowerment. I am just me – who are you? Together we are stronger! James is also the president of PSR Canada

Sue Carr is a former member of the PSR Canada Board from 2002 to 2016. After nearly 30 years in Community Mental Health, with the last 8 years in Palliative Care, Sue is now working as a consultant. Her company, Community Healthcare Consulting, provides professional development services in the area of Workplace Wellness and Occupational Stress for agencies in the healthcare, social services and first responders. 

Jenn Cusick has been working in mental health for the last twenty-five years. During that time she managed a peer support and WRAP program in her community beginning in 1999.  In November 2014 she started Luminate Wellness in order to  share what she has learned from her time on the front lines of wellness and recovery with an even broader community. She also works with PSR Advanced Practice out of Douglas College in BC, and oversees the website and communications for PSR Canada

Manyi Ebot is passionate about elevating the psychosocial well-being of all individuals. She does this through Working as a certified trauma recovery coach with Manuel Connections, her Diaspora Women Connect outreach–providing housing, skills development training and formal education to trauma survivors in Cameroon. She is also one of the coordinators of PSR Advanced Practice and the Author of The Caged Giant: From victim through survivor to thriver.