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Hello valued member of the BC PSR Community of Practice,

The PSR BC Education Day event is now OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!

Visit to register.

The goal of this conference is to showcase programs, services, and practices that demonstrate effectiveness in facilitating recovery with and for people who live with mental health issues and problems and their loved ones.  This event is for anyone interested in learning more about best and emerging recovery-oriented Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) practices from around BC and Canada. For people interested in joining and strengthening a mental health service community, and elevating the profile of high-quality, partnered care.

Recovery-oriented psychosocial rehabilitation practice is essential at both regional and national levels. We are delighted to be partnering with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and Psychosocial Rehabilitation/RPS Canada and experts from British Columbia as we move to the next phase of recovery-oriented service delivery in Canada. We is to provide detail of accomplishments and identify what the future looks like. Exciting conference topics will showcase the application of theory to practice in a range of areas such as:

PSR/RPS Canada Competencies
Peer involvement
Youth and Young Adults
Self Compassion, and
Supported Employment

Guest speakers will include National Recovery Leaders: 
Ed Mantler - VP Programs and Priority, Mental Health of Commission of Canada
Vicky Huehn - CEO, PSR/RPS Canada

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Posted over 3 years ago