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Accumulation of points is carried out in various ways. For example, a player at can get a point for every dollar invested, and at a certain amount of points he gets a point. Can get for the average or high level of deposit. If the player frequently uses slots, he will also be awarded points, and the more time he will be on the gaming resource, the more he will be able to get rewards.

Often, some casinos open for the player the first level automatically after the opening of the first deposit. But to get the status, the player needs to play in the casino for a while. Players who have basic status or first level loyalty, to maintain interest, the casino can almost always offer free scrolling prizes, promotions and bonuses.

The higher a player's loyalty level and status, the more attractive the casino offers him more attractive playing conditions. These can be, for example, individual gifts, prizes or other unique offers. Elite players may be offered weekly bonus scrolls, rewards, instant withdrawal of winnings and many other incentives.

Posted 2 months ago