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Things To Think About Before Picking A Car Bumper The bumper protects your front bumper from objects. Although it doesn't offer much protection for the passengers, it can absorb some force and acts as a barrier between you and any object that strikes you. Accidents can happen. Fender benders could result in a vehicle that is cosmetically damaged, however, not so much as to prompt insurance companies to cover repairs. It is possible to replace the bumper in this situation. Since auto body components like bumpers aren't able to serve any purpose mechanically to your vehicle, they are one replacement part for which you can safely search the local salvage yard. If the vehicle's front end (or rear, depending on the bumper) is clean, you might be able to get a functional bumper for a reasonable price. All bumpers aren't created identical. Different materials have different advantages and drawbacks. Modern vehicles are made of fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum. The interior reinforcement could also be constructed from various materials. Check out this awesome car bumper item for examples. 2013 hyundai elantra bumper, Steel The bumpers are tough and heavy, are usually reserved for larger cars. Aluminum Alloy Aluminum is now becoming increasingly well-known for its strength and lightness. Carbon Fiber It's durable and lightweight It can be repaired and painted. However, it can be expensive. Fiberglass Aftermarket bumper manufacturers are a fan of this type of material. It's lightweight and tough and is able to be painted or sanded. However it cracks more readily than plastic. Plastic Most bumpers are constructed of poly resin. It can withstand impact and be painted, however it is difficult to repair and cannot be removed by sanding. The VIN can be used to obtain the part information you require by making contact with the dealer or by searching for online. After you've determined the kind of bumper you have then you'll be able to choose which one you want. Following a Collision Repair or replace your bumper You may think that a damaged bumper is only a cosmetic issue. However, your bumper is an important protective item for your car. If yours is damaged, then you may want to consider fixing it as soon as possible. Not all bumpers need a complete replacement and many are repairable. Here are some examples of when bumpers are repairable and when they need replacement. Additionally, learn why you should have the work done and what other components may have damage due to a damaged bumper. Have a look at this excellent car bumper product for info. 2012 hyundai sonata front bumper, What kinds of damage to bumpers are repairable? In some instances, repairing a bumper, instead of replacing it, is a better choice. Here are a few examples of when repair may be feasible. Scratches Most scratches can easily be covered or taken away, even if quite massive. However, if your bumper paint has excessive chipping or large scratches, repair might not be feasible. Small Dents If the dents are not too big, damaged, or have caused damage to the other areas of your bumper, they can be repaired. A professional can remove the dent and repair any paint damage. Looseness If the bumper is not in the correct alignment It may be possible to fix it if all fasteners and hooks remain intact. You must first address any damage that may be causing further harm to your car's body. How do you tell if a car bumper is damaged? Even if the damages appear minimal, in certain cases the bumper may have to be replaced completely. These are the reasons to replace your bumper. Large Cracks and Holes Although small cracks and dents are fixable, big tears often aren't. Large holes can cause destruction to your bumper, even if they're taped or glued. Broken Hooks and Fasteners If you have hooks and fasteners that are still in place it is possible to reattach your bumper. If the fasteners fail to last, however, you will most likely have to replace the bumper. Major Paint Damage Paint damage that extends over a large area or multiple areas of the bumper are not repairable. It is usually better to replace the bumper than take it off. Large Dents Dents that are large can be difficult to repair, or impossible to fix, that do not affect the strength or quality of the bumper. This is a more cost-effective option than replacing your bumper because of the time and labor required. Check out this top rated car bumper deal for info. nissan gtr front bumper, Why Should You Repair Your Bumper? You should also replace your bumpers to ensure safety and integrity. One big reason is if you are planning to sell your vehicle in the near future. Potential buyers may not be attracted by damaged bumpers because they might be concerned about the severity of the incident. You will be charged for the value loss in the event that you lease your vehicle instead of buying it. What Other Components May Have Damage? If your front bumper is damaged, an issue, then the sensors and lights could be damaged. There could be damage to the grille or radiator. A damaged rear bumper could cause damage to reflectors and taillights as well as the cameras. If the collision was severe enough, then you may also be dealing with frame, suspension and tire damage. If your car's bumper was damaged by the event of a collision, make sure you get a mechanic to inspect your car as soon you can. Bump protectors are essential for protecting your car. A damaged or damaged bumper could result in more damage to your vehicle later on. 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